Doctor Oz says to Take Your Vitamins Daily!

“In the category of Things Your Mother Was Right About All Along, you really and truly should take your vitamins.

We like to think that if we’re smart, we can get all of our needed nutrients from what we eat.

But,... judging by food diaries, this is true for only a small percentage of the population.

What’s more, while the body manufactures some vitamins nonnutritionally — the way sunlight helps us generate vitamin D — there is a long list of nutrients we can get only from food, including calcium, fiber, folate, iodine, iron, magnesium and potassium. Even if you chart every morsel that goes in your mouth, I promise you that a daily multivitamin is an easier and more reliable way to ensure that you’re not leaving anything out."    • Dr. Mehmet Oz, “The Oz Diet,” Time Magazine, September 12, 2011, page 58; emphasis added.

Advantages of JDI™ MultiVitamin/MultiMineral *

• Daily Vitamins
• Daily Minerals
• Stem Cell Nutrition Support
• Improved Body Repair
• Immune System Support
• More Energy
• More Stamina
• Clearer Thinking and Mental Clarity
• Maintain Optimal Health
• Just Plain Feeling Better
• Extra vitamin D3 . . . the Much Needed “Sunshine” Vitamin
• Up to 75 Added Micronutrients from the Stem Cell Nutrition Blend

JDI International’s Daily Vitamins/Minerals along with Stem Cell Nutrition Support is the first and only complete multivitamin and multimineral formulation to help rebuild your body using the body’s own natural renewal system of adult stem cells.

That means extra adult stem cells are released into your body from YOUR OWN bone marrow to improve ongoing repair. This happens while your body also absorbs the minimum daily requirements of the most commonly needed vitamins and minerals.

The product contains an added boost of Vitamin D3. The news about the need for Vitamin D3 above the usual 400 International Units is now common knowledge. JDI International is among the first to give you the 1000 International Units per serving!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not Intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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